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Las Buitreras


Discover the thrilling world of sea-run trout fishing in the pristine waters of Rio Gallegos.


Las Buitreras Fly fishing Patagonia Searun brown trout
Find out why anglers from all over the world call Las Buitreras in Southern Patagonia one of the best and most dynamic fly fishing destinations on the planet for sea-run brown trout.
Las Buitreras is an extraordinary destination for those who seek thrilling fly fishing experiences. This unique place offers a remarkable opportunity to catch sea run trout in a stunning natural environment. Moreover, with its location on the Rio Gallegos in Argentina, it provides an unforgettable fishing experience for both seasoned and novice anglers alike.

To begin with, Las Buitreras boasts an incredible diversity of sea run trout. These fish have a migratory behavior that allows them to move between freshwater and saltwater, making them a challenging catch for any angler. Furthermore, the sea run trout found in the Rio Gallegos are known for their impressive size and fighting spirit, making for a truly exhilarating fishing adventure.

In addition, Las Buitreras offers exceptional accommodation and dining options that make for a comfortable and enjoyable stay. The lodge provides an array of amenities, including comfortable rooms, delicious meals, and experienced guides to assist anglers in their fishing endeavors.

Moreover, the natural beauty of the surrounding area is awe-inspiring. The river itself runs through a breathtaking landscape of mountains and valleys, creating a serene and tranquil atmosphere that complements the thrill of the fishing experience. Guests can also enjoy a variety of activities such as hiking, horseback riding, and bird watching, adding to the overall experience of a visit to Las Buitreras.

In conclusion, Las Buitreras is an outstanding destination for those who seek a unique and unforgettable fly fishing experience. With its diverse sea run trout population, comfortable accommodations, and stunning natural beauty, this location is a must-visit for any angler.

Species: Sea-Run Brown Trout, Brown Trout
Rio Gallegos
The breathtaking Rio Gallegos meanders more than 360 km through desolate pampa before finally merging into the raging Atlantic Ocean near the Strait of Magellan. Though the region’s ineffable beauty is worth the journey itself, it’s Rio Gallegos’ sought after sea-run brown trout, also known as seatrout in many parts of the world, that make this location the cynosure of dedicated fly anglers world-wide. Solid Adventure’s Estancia Las Buitreras comprises the most prolific beat along the Rio Gallegos, consisting of over 40 kms of private water and more than 50 named pools.

The sheer size and raging temper of the spectacular sea-run brown trout that call Estancia Las Buitreras waters home have rendered countless anglers awestruck. As we’ve just added a whole new stretch of water with over ten new scouted and approved pools to our existing program, there’s no better time to join us at Las Buitreras to try your hand at fishing for these exceptional creatures.


Estancia Las Buitreras offers a perfect blend of luxury and rustic living. The cozy lodge is just a 10-minute walk from the river’s edge and offers our guests a haven from the expansive windy plains. The lodge is equipped with six double rooms and two single rooms, all with private bathrooms with showers. Although we can accommodate up to 14 guests at a time, we welcome a maximum of 12 fishermen per week. On the first floor of the lodge is our indoor winter garden, a perfect place for the post-fish beer or glass of wine. Just outdoors is a spacious courtyard protected from the wind, where we have a large fixed outdoor stone grill and terrace where we host traditional Argentine assados. These amenities ensure that our guests have a comfortable and authentic experience over the duration of their stay.

Tackle & Technique

Stealthy Does It

Most of the fishing at this location requires that you strip your fly to provoke a violent strike. There are also pools where fish will take in response to the fly being swung as one would do for an Atlantic Salmon, however, searun brown trout generally prefer different flies to salmon. The fish at this location tend to lie in quieter seams and tails and the motion imparted by stripping the fly produces some fantastic takes. We like to use shooting heads as they allow for a greater maximum effective fishing distance with each cast compared with a normal line. Though it’s nice to fish with a double-hand rod during periods of heavy wind, most of the fishing can be accomplished with a single-hand rod; rod selection ultimately comes down to a matter of personal preference. The most popular types of lines when fishing Rio Gallegos are float or clear intermediate shooting heads. Since Rio Gallegos is a relatively shallow river we can’t stress the importance of being as quiet as possible when wading and casting not to spook the fish.

If we were to recommend one setup for Las Buitreras it would be a 7 wt., 12 ft. double-hand rod rigged with a scandi style floating body and an intermediate front/tip. Add a line wallet with a variation of  interchangeable tips from float to fast sink and you will be able to cover most situations and conditions you are likely to encounter.

Zone Zero

From 2021 guests visiting estancia LB for a week will have the option to extend their stay by fishing three days in our exclusive section of the Rio Gallegos named Zone Zero. This stretch of water is located just above our regular Las Buitreras beats and offers amazing brown trout waters. Fishing these waters obviously mean anglers will be hooking their fair share of Sea-run browns as well. Guests will be staying at estancia Las Buitreras and share breakfast and dinner with our guests fishing at Las Buitreras. Lunch will be served by the river.

Zone Zero is located just above Upper Zone 1 that we normally fish during a week at LB. What Zone Zero offers is a vast number of backwaters, side channels, and weed banks, perfect habitats for massive browns. These waters can easily be covered with lighter single hand rods. Anglers will also have access to a number of pools more frequented by the larger sea-run browns and can choose what they want to target at all times. However, targeting resident browns in the slower waters does not mean you will not run into a sea-run brown every now and then. If you are fishing a light 5 or 6 weight single hander when this happens you are in for some serious rod bending.

Tackle and Technique
We recommend bringing a 5 or 6 weight single hand rod as the main rod for targeting resident browns. Most sections are easy to cover and do not require very long or tricky casting. Streamers in various colors are very effective, especially green/olive and black/silver. Wooly buggers, nymphs and any fly with rubber legs will work just fine as well. Don’t forget dry flies for the less windy days.

For anglers wanting to take a dig at the sea-run browns up here we recommend to bring a 7 weight single hander and a 7 weight double hand spey rod. A spey rod allows you to cover more water when fishing the bigger pools. Especially during windy days.

You will be staying at estancia Las Buitreras. Lunch will be served by the river to avoid wasting too much time driving back and forth to the estancia during the day. You will be served breakfast and dinner in the estancia together with the rest of the group currently staying at the estancia.


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