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Kangia River Lodge



Kangia River Lodge is widely known among fly anglers as the premier river in Greenland for catching big sea-run Arctic Char.

Kangia River lodge – Fly Fishing Greenland

Spectacular Kangia River Lodge

Welcome to Kangia River Lodge, the hidden gem nestled along Greenland’s magnificent West Coast. Renowned for its abundant Arctic char, breathtaking architecture, and unparalleled natural beauty, this lodge promises an unforgettable experience. What sets Kangia apart is not only its remarkable charm but also the sheer size of the fish that grace its waters, surpassing those found in other Greenlandic rivers.

Immerse yourself in the art of fly fishing as Kangia River reveals its captivating features. From the captivating cut-banks to the exhilarating rapids, the serene slow and deep stretches to the enchanting waterfalls, and the playful pocket-water leading to the tidally influenced delta, this river offers a true haven for fly fishing enthusiasts.

Only seven kilometers upstream from our camp, a magnificent ten-meter high waterfall acts as a natural barrier, halting the progress of migrating fish and forming a deep pool teeming with colossal specimens. Unlike other sea-run char rivers, where fish venture into larger lakes and disperse across vast distances, the fish in Kangia remain within the river’s confines, gracing the picturesque 10 km stretch between the river mouth and the waterfall.

Discover the untouched wilderness of Kangia River Lodge, where nature’s wonders unfold in every bend and cascade. Embark on an angler’s paradise where remarkable fishing opportunities, captivating landscapes, and unparalleled tranquillity converge. Come and experience the essence of true wilderness at Kangia River Lodge.

What’s So Special About the River?

Welcome to the stunning west coast of Greenland, where majestic fjords and an abundant array of wildlife await you. Prepare to be captivated by the enchanting beauty of this region, which is home to at least 15 whale species and a diverse range of other remarkable creatures. As you embark on your adventure during the summer season, coinciding with our operations, you’ll have the incredible opportunity to witness humpback whales gracefully traversing the open coastal waters.

Greenlandic waters boast an impressive wealth of marine life, making it one of the most fish-abundant areas on our planet. Anglers here are in for a treat, as the possibility of catching cod using fly gear near the Kangia River mouth or from any cliffside along the coast is within reach.

While smaller runs of Arctic char are known to venture up various rivers and streams along the west coast of Greenland, it is the Kangia River that truly stands out. The sheer size and quantity of fish ascending the Kangia River is a sight to behold. Unlike other locations in the region, the char found in the Kangia River are exceptionally large, weighing well above 2 kg on average. It’s not uncommon for anglers to reel in fish weighing in the impressive range of 3-4 kg and even larger.

In fact, the current record-holder is an astounding 6.3 kg (14 lbs) char, although there have been reports of even larger specimens being hooked and lost. Landing fish of this magnitude is no easy feat; it requires not only skilful hooking but also exceptional finesse to successfully bring them ashore. Anglers with aspirations of setting new records should come well-prepared, as Arctic char are formidable fighters that will leave even the most seasoned anglers in awe.

Immerse yourself in the wonder of Greenland’s west coast, where fjords, whales, and the thrill of fishing combine to create an unforgettable experience.


Simple Yet Comfortable Lodge

Welcome to the Kangia River Lodge, a tranquil retreat situated on a plateau at the delta of the majestic Kangia River. With breathtaking views overlooking the home-pool and a sheltered bay where the river meets the Atlantic Ocean, our lodge is the perfect destination for anglers seeking a comfortable and enjoyable fishing experience.

While our lodge may be simple, we provide all the essential amenities for a week-long stay focused on fishing. With the capacity to accommodate up to 12 anglers at once, our sleeping quarters consist of six rooms, each featuring a bunk bed that comfortably sleeps two anglers.

The main lodge offers a range of facilities to enhance your stay. You’ll find two toilets, two showers, a fully equipped kitchen, a brand new bar and lounge area, and a spacious dining area with a captivating view of the river. Relax on the veranda at the front of the lodge, where you can admire the river mouth and the valley below while enjoying a refreshing drink and sharing fishing stories with your friends.

In addition to the main lodge, we provide a smaller satellite camp located 2.7 km upriver. This camp serves as a comfortable resting place for anglers at one of our prime fishing spots. It’s an ideal starting point for those who wish to explore the middle and upper sections of the river.

To ensure your convenience, you can leave your waders and wading shoes at the satellite camp and make the walk to and from the lodge in regular hiking shoes and pants. Whether you choose to stay near the main lodge or venture all the way up to the waterfall, the Kangia River offers abundant fish throughout its length, allowing you to fish at your own pace every day.

Come join us at the Kangia River Lodge, where you can experience the beauty of nature, unwind in comfortable accommodations, and indulge in the joy of fishing in one of the most scenic locations.

Tackle & Technique

Live Out Your Fishing Fantasies

Enhance Your Fishing Experience with Effective Fly Selection and Techniques in Kangia

When it comes to early season Arctic Char fishing in Kangia, maximizing your chances of landing big chrome fish in higher water conditions requires the right approach. One highly effective method is to use larger steelhead intruder flies and streamers, expertly presented on a light skagit or sink-tip line outfit. This setup allows for precise control and optimal fly movement in the water.

Choosing between a switch rod or a single-hand rod ultimately boils down to personal preference. Regardless of your rod choice, you’ll find that every pool in the river can be comfortably fished, regardless of the conditions you encounter.

While streamers, nymphs, rubber legs, and classic salmon flies tend to be reliable go-to options, we encourage you to explore the exciting world of surface fishing. Don’t hesitate to try your hand at swinging or skating a gurgler or foam fly on the water’s surface. Witnessing bow waves rising up behind your fly is an exhilarating experience that should not be missed.

In Kangia, the possibilities for fly selection and fishing techniques are only limited by your imagination. Let your creativity soar as you experiment with different flies and approaches to find what works best for you. Get ready to elevate your fly fishing game and create unforgettable memories in the abundant waters of Kangia.

Fly fishing for Sea run Arctic Char in Kangia.

Plan Your Arctic Char Fly Fishing Adventure: Embark on an exhilarating journey to the Kangia River, where the thrill of catching sea-run Arctic char awaits. Immerse yourself in the untouched beauty of Greenland’s landscapes, hone your fly fishing skills, and create memories that will last a lifetime. Book your expedition today and prepare for an unforgettable experience that combines adrenaline, natural beauty, and the joy of angling in one remarkable destination.


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Kangia River Greenland

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